The Guessing Game

Yesterday, I had a discussion with a colleague. Afterwards he told me the exact same thing that an old friend told me a few months ago. I now have feedback from two different people that I can get outright condescending during discussions. I knew that sometimes I am a bit aggressive during arguments but didn’t realize that it sounds … Continue reading The Guessing Game

The Specialists

A long time since the last post. Well, it’s been more than a year now since I started my PhD, and things have started to get interesting, and a little hectic as well. Hence, the neglected blog. Yes, against popular opinion, PhD work can also get hectic. Something I thought was not possible when I … Continue reading The Specialists

Lazy Scientists

Religion is ubiquitous, although not universal. It is so embedded in our psyche and so pervasive that explaining the reason for its existence has occupied some of the great minds in science and philosophy. There have been as many ideas as thinkers, offering possible reasons on why religion has persisted through human history. Many theories, … Continue reading Lazy Scientists

The B-Ark Jobs

Inside the treasure trove of humor that is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a wonderful parody of Plato’s ship of fools allegory. Douglas Adams, in the second book of the series, creates a sketch in which the two main characters, Ford Perfect and Arthur Dent, are accidentally teleported to an space-ship of the alien planet Golgafrincham, only to find it … Continue reading The B-Ark Jobs